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Danda Neethi Sangrahaya 381.pdf




introduction text . below:. read the introduction text in your own words before reading the main text . New Practical Chinese. danda neethi sangrahaya. Chinese New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook Pdf – Here you can download Chinese New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook Pdf in.text format.Google May Have To Pay Up For Being An Evil Company? I am quite sure everyone has heard about the nasty lawsuits going around the world about Google spying on its customers via Google search. Well it seems that that may be bad enough but I am beginning to believe there is another ugly side to the Google story. When you search on Google there is nothing you do that is not being recorded and cataloged. That's just the way it is. Today we are hearing that Google has been in contact with the French Government. It seems that the French Government has found something that may be even more disturbing to the average internet user than spying on its customers. The French Government has discovered that Google is tracking its citizens and has been doing so for years! The Parisien Newspaper ran a front page article discussing this matter and it says that that Google is recording and cataloging French citizens. The article states that Google has been recording the French people's search history since 2008. Google records their searches via cookies and has been keeping a record of it ever since. The article says that the French people are now free to complain to the European Union about Google and how it is monitoring their search history. Well what is Google's side to the story? Well the Google spokesperson is very quick to point out that it does not violate any privacy laws and is actually doing the people of France a favor. It has been recording their searches for years and has a large staff who analyze the data and look for trends. So Google is pretty much doing its people a huge favor by sharing their searches. And there are those that think that Google has a right to do this. For years there has been rumors that Google is only showing certain websites to people based on the data they get from its search engine. Well that could be Google's side of the story. So would you like to see Google move away from a free for all internet and allow the government to control what information is available online. The French government seems to think that's a good thing. So is this another Google scandal? Or is this going to be a problem for Google in the future?Q: How to print




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Danda Neethi Sangrahaya 381.pdf

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